Monday, April 21, 2014

New dress which took far too long to make!

I started this dress back in December, and just finished it. Sometimes I can finish a dress in a week-end, but with this winter being so long, dark and cold, I just wasn't feeling creative or motivated. It's a vintage pattern I found on Etsy, from an Australian and New Zealand company called Style.

I had a few problems with making this dress, the first being that it was a Miss pattern and I wasn't sure how the measurements would work out, so I added an inch all around, which turned out to be unnecessary. Also, since I started the dress, I've gone down a size so I had to make more adjustments. It seemed that each time I tried on the dress to see how it was fitting I had to make more adjustments. Also, the contrasting fabric I purchased to use as the sleeves was too heavy and it wasn't draping nicely, so I ended up putting it around the neckline, and somehow it actually lined up.

Overall I'm not very happy with my sewing skills on this dress, it's not my best work. This should have been an easy pattern but because it took me so long to finish I kept losing motivation and focus. I'm relieved it's done, too bad the weather isn't nice enough here for me to wear it yet!

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