Friday, January 29, 2010

100 Mile Finds

Sometime last spring, I was approached at a craft sale by two women who were in the process of setting up a website which would promote local small businesses. I'm pleased to see that the site has launched, and I now have Zippster listed as a vendor. If you want to find a local business or service within 100 miles of your postal code, try 100 Mile Finds.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's to 2010!

Well, the hectic 2009 holiday season is behind us, and I could use a little breather! November and December were busy months: craft shows, wholesale orders and Etsy orders from both of my shops, not to mention moving and trying to get my own Christmas shopping done. Every Christmas, more and more so, I try to make handmade gifts for people; I really dislike shopping, but I like to think that the recipients appreciate a handmade gift more than one found in a mall.

My plan for the next couple of months is to focus on finding more wholesale partners, and to weed through my supplies stash - I'm still setting up my new workspace, and I feel the need to evaluate what I have, and to pass on what I don't need to a community service of some sort, such as a seniors centre.