Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Meet my three foster kitties: Suzie Q, Polka and Fandango. I recently decided to volunteer as a foster mom after adopting my cat Dexter (seen below, playing with Suzie Q), from Abbey Cat Adoptions.

These three kittens were from a litter of nine, so they're a bit small for their age, but no less energetic. Or hungry. Kittens eat and poop a lot! Each has their own very unique personality: Suzie Q is fearless, friendly, affectionate, curious, playful, and nosy. She seems to be the dominate of the three, and also the hungriest! Polka is more independent and serious, but loves playing with the catnip mouse. She too is curious and nosy, and likes to jump up on the kitchen counter. Fandango is friendly and affectionate, but still a bit cautious. He loves a good tummy rub and cuddling with Suzie Q.

All three play really well together and love playing tag, and with Dexter. In particular, Dexter has taken a liking to Suzie Q. At first I was worried about how he would react with three new kittens around, but he has assumed the role of older brother, making sure they get fed (he yells at me in the morning if I take too long to get them their food!), grooming them, and scolding them when they scratch the couch.

If you know someone who is considering adopting a cat, I suggest taking a look at the cats and kittens at Abbey Cats.

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