Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blythe updates

Wow, I've spent so much time on my Zippster products that I haven't been doing much for Blythe, but I do have some udpates. Recently I made a doll wrap with a really amazing fabric suggested by the customer:

I've also been able to sell some older Blythe clothing stock, but I don't anticipate making new items any time soon. I do however, plan on making some new saris, since those seem to be my most popular item and I really enjoy going to the Little India neighbourhood in Toronto and looking for the silk remnants.

What I have been working on is greeting cards using my own Blythes as models. Although I started using a light box, I find that nothing replaces natural light. I've decided on a "hobby" series using Re-Ment miniatures as props. There are lots more to come, but here is a preview:

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